I love Maria's videos. I can't see magic eye posters, but I do really feel a pleasant down-the-spine tingly sensation when some people whisper or click their nails on things. Sort of like when my boyfriend is kissing my neck or when I was a little girl and my mother would tickle my back while I fell asleep. » 12/15/14 8:20pm 12/15/14 8:20pm

Jem - P!nk. She has the look.
Kimber - Taylor Swift. Has the sweetness factor.
Aja - Natalia Kills. Has the look and is amazing.
Shana - Zoe Saldana. Not a great fit for the look, but has the chops.
Raya - Selena Gomez. Has the voice and the look.
Pizzazz - Kesha. Has the look, the voice, and the attitude.
Roxy - Kristen… » 3/20/14 10:46pm 3/20/14 10:46pm

I don't think it's fair to say someone "transitioning into adulthood" is a lame reason couples sometimes fall apart. For most early 20-somethings it IS the reason the couple falls apart — that "growing up" thing takes a lot of work!

And we pick our partners for who they are — in that moment. If, after that moment… » 2/25/14 7:39pm 2/25/14 7:39pm

I feel relieved seeing other vulvae in non-sexual contexts. I love what I have (pubic hair, asymmetry, smaller-than-normal inner labia), but I hear so much negativity directed at it day-to-day in modern day life, I feel guilty loving what I have. I feel like I should be ashamed that I don't shave, that I should be… » 8/21/13 10:22pm 8/21/13 10:22pm

Take back the keyboard, politely shoo the man and get on with your job. I get that sexism is real and it can cause problems for women at work, but make yourself part of the solution by standing up for yourself and correcting the mistaken impression that you don't know how to play games by actually playing. » 6/19/12 11:47am 6/19/12 11:47am